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Fra Nettet – MICrODEC A Microcontroller and a Codec – A Reprogrammable Audio Processor

Denne ser interresant ut.  En programmerbar AVR basert (samme type chip som bor på arduinoen) effektprossesor! Lignende er blitt gjort før men dette er den første jeg har sett som skryter av 16bit 44000Hz lydkvalitet! (CD kvalitet) sjekk det ut:

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Open music labs introduces the MICrODEC – A Microcontroller and a Codec – A Reprogrammable Audio Processor. Clean design, with an AVR performing all the CODEC functions (handwritten in assembly!). Engraved aluminum case is available, the box is a semi-kit, so all the SMT stuff is soldered on for you already – This could easily be put in a custom case. Tons of videos, documentation, firmware, schematics and layouts available so check it out and if you love audio filters, check it out.


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