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Ransydney-Vidney V2

Allthough we did an ace job repairing the tits off the Ransydney-Vidney last week when it broke, it was noticably shagged out after a long life of being slave to the vibe.  Anyway Robin (Sky) Barstow took it upon himself to reincarnate good old Ransydney in the more than worthy Ransydney-Vidney V2!

Not only is it alot more beautiful, but this one has a LIGHT!!! that will aid Robin in the process of navigating the highly complicated controls.

it follows the same old schematics though, so if anyone wants to build their own then here is the recipee (all potentiometers are 100 ohm linear (i think))

Here are some of the gnarlsed out FX you can generate with it:

illucia, gjør tv-spill koding gøy

For de som synes det ikke er fullt så fett å sitte ved tastaturet og skrive linje etter linge med kode for å lage et dataspill, har disse guttene laget en slags circuit-bending tilnærming slik at man kan bruke henda å leke seg fram til ett resultat med henda.

Det ser kjempegøy ut

sjekk det ut her;

We (Robin and Daniel) repair Ransydney-vidney, cos it broke, innit.

Me and robin became extremely depressed today, our beloved analog hi-def pro video mixer and efx processor became break. Bollocks we said to ourselves looking at one another in disgust. Thence we restored the ransydneyvidney to its original glory, using wit, intellect, and insane skill! and a drill!

YouTube Preview Image

Hell yeah!


Insanely gnarly piano glove lets you play the grand piano, without having a grand piano. YEAH!!!

from Hackaday:

Sometimes you just don’t have space for a baby grand. [Abdullah] got around this problem and built a virtual wireless MIDI piano. Unlike it’s inspiration, it’s not bad but we still love it.

[Abdullah] got his hands on some flex sensors and attached them to a glove. These resistive sensors are put through a voltage divider and sent to a microcontroller (a PIC16F778, we believe) and corresponding MIDI notes are chosen. These MIDI notes are sent to a computer and played over a speaker.

Right now, only a single arpeggio is coded into the microcontroller. Depending on which finger is bent shifts this arpeggio up and down the keyboard. That being said, the firmware can be easily modified to recognize standard piano fingering so chords can be played. The only issue is moving the hand up and down the keyboard.

[Abdullah] is planning on making his glove completely wireless with a microcontroller and battery sewn into the glove. Here’s to hoping he’ll keep us posted.

Check out [Abdullah]‘s demo after the break.

Demo of the Morgan AXIOMAX 900 digital modelling acoustoflexic pro HAMMER DSP workstation / guitar

Somebody asked me what guitar i use when playing concerts, Its the Morgan DX510 Ultra low noise acoustic modeling hybrid audio workstation / guitar.

YouTube Preview Image

It is very expensive but well worth the money for the presets alone!

In other news, we got a new projector. This one is muuuuuuuch brighter (the wall is charred after the show is over) and it works muuuch better with our diy video mixer. We can mangle the image to the carl marximum and this thing never loses sync!!!

A taste of things to come

This is a taste of things to come on the cpt.cred video front. Taste the pixels, feel the tears and touch the screen with your mind-salmons.

The video effects were made using this awesome video effect box we built called «Ransydney-vidney».

Zombie Robot awaken

It was halloween last night and my robot awoke from the meta-dead to stick pointy sticks into our souls.

Horray!  Also we got a new projector that is more than twice as powerfull as the one we had. Finally we will be burning holes in walls with our sick grafx!