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SNES Doombox with MIDI

I made it, its finished

Here it is in Video

YouTube Preview Image

here is how to ….


Work in progress nes drone synth


Most of the guts of the snes are removed. Replaced with a resampling chip and some oscillators and blinky lights. I think the circuit is finished now and I can start drilling holes for the pots and switches, video of the finished piece will come.


Today we were in «Beiarn» , wich is a pretty beutiful place as far as snowy mountains go, and they go far. We played in the first school i have seen that has a ski track that goes around the building…  We finished rigging a little early and me and robin played a spot of bandy b4 the gig. Allthough i am a lot better at bandy (and most other things) than robin, he somehow managed to win. I think he spiked my coffee at the hotel breakfast to make me sluggish enough to beat. Anyhoo, we plade the gig, and broke some stuff, and the kids shouted and i shouted back and afterwards one of the kids stole my moustache and absorbed all my powers. So now i can no longer see through walls, eat harddisks, browse the internet with my mind, complete solitair, breathe underwater, drink battery acid or communicate with spoons. witch sucks a bit, but whatever.

On our way home we saw a real totally legit elk, check it:

I felt like fucking Bear Grills, apart from the the fact i was in a car and not drinking my own piss.

Now look at the mountains:

Supersimple electronics, Lego for the Ipad Generation

If you really cant be arsed to learn some soldering, or how a breadboard works. Then «Little Bits» might be the perfect entry point into the magical world of electronics. The pieces «modules» are colour coded and snap together with magnets making circuit construction a breeze for even the thickest idiot.

It can even be handy for people who might  usually breadboard or solder things together but whant to test an idea fast, with minimum hassle

BUT… its a little bit expensive, as you can see here:

perhaps a cheaper alternative will show up soon.

In Other news, here is a beatiful video looking at the way computers see the world.

Self Tuning Pianos and Cats


I am in hotel room and i am having nice evening times.

2day we played 2 rancid gigs and it was mad lols.

Robin (the sound man) is mixing sick epic tracks for his upcoming album as Sky Barstow. You should chex his shit out, it doesn’t suck.


Here is a Video of one of the many gigs on this tour, it was filmed and shared illegally, but thats cool, no worries, fuck the system!

YouTube Preview Image

in other news, this guy made a self tuning piano, Wich is cool and all, but it only tunes downwards, so you have to tighten all the strings so they are tuned too high before it will work. There is plenty of discussion here about whether or not it’s such a great invention.  Judge for yourself:

YouTube Preview Image

Hand Vs Puter

Hell yeyah. Its the epic battle that you have been waiting so patiently for for so long. Finally the angry fleshy fist meets the cold logical dickhead we have all come to know as the computer. Who will and who will not win quite as much as the other one?

YouTube Preview Image

Day 3

2 gigs at 2 different schools today, and it was illegally bootlegged, YAY! you can listen to the garlyness here:

Loaden it down into your ponuter station, and listen to it pretending that you were in the audience beeing just as cool as the poeple that actually where! naily.

in other news, this: