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Potentiotar, en Potensiometer gitar

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Denne “gitaren syns jeg så ut som et morsomt prosjekt som ikke burde tå så alt for lang tid å sette sammen, Bruker man en Arduino til elektronikken, burde det gå veldig lett, Men jeg har aldrig set en sånn potmeter stav før, så det må man kanskje evt sette sammen selv eller finne en annen lur løsning på.

via hack a day

“The first thing you should notice is the case upgrade. The original used what looked like unfinished scrap wood, but finished wood of this case really makes the thing look like a traditional instrument. With this design he loses the Arduino in favor of a standalone ATmega328 chip. You’ll notice knobs and a switch on the face of the body. This allows for selecting a couple different kinds of scales and turning the power off. The linear potentiometer and sewing machine button are the same as before. After the break you can catch his description and a quick performance thanks to the audio jack for patching it into an amp.”


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