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Mike Oldfield ville vært ganske imponert om han fikk se disse:

Denne personen har satt sammen en “robot” som tar in midi og på samme måte som min robot trommis, bruker solenoid-elektromagneter for å slå på “tubular bells” med små gummi hammerer.

Roboten har også en til elektromagnet per rør-bjelle som brukes for å trykke myk filt mot bunnen på røret for å dempe tonen. Skulle likt å hørt no Justin Bieber covers på denne!

Woo, we played 2 concerts today, and they went insanely well, more film was recorded, more students were mind-blowed, and more audio machinary was destroyzored!1

Robin was firing double-laser-rainbows from his eyes whilst driving insanely fast. Hell yeyah!


Tomorrow, 3gigs at flora !


More live footage analysys!

Hello, i have been ill today, yay! mainly lying in bed feeling sorry for myself but also taking tome time to look at some of the footage we got yesterday! here is some more edited tastyness with in depth analysis of special moves and what not to do!

Enjoy! or not.


-=Test=- footage from todays concert:

this is just a tiny bit of footage from the concert today. Later, more footage will be tested together in the megatest and you can see the whole concert from 18 different angles in 3d and bluray!

Sloremo from Captain Credible on Vimeo.

Hammer time legit max energy!

Skoleturne i Sogn og Fjordane, Day 1

Hoooooray, we have arrivened and we are making fun times with our concert. we will film alittle tomorrow and here is something gnarly i found on the internet. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about electronics and lego and life.  Now here is a kids xylophone that has been hacked to play via  MIDI!

check it out!


Cpt Credible Live @ Artik, Freiburg, DE

If you live in Germany then come to this!:

Captain Credible ( 8-bit, idm, Epileptronica // Oslo, Norwegen)

Casiokids & Mario Urban ( Electro, Pop // Bergen, Norwegen)
Van Goetz ( House, Tech-House // Freiburg)

22:00 h

Eintritt: 7€ / 5€ ermäßigt

Ein Captain, ein Dutzend selbstgebaute Musikinstrumente, trockener Humor und eine handvoll absurder Stories. Dazu ein paar funkige, verrückte Beats und fertig ist die schräge Ein-Mann-Band.
Nachdem der Captain seine Gäste wieder an Land gebracht hat, halten die norwegischen DJs der Casiokids eine Mischung aus skandinavischen und afrikanischen Sounds, verfeinert mit einer Prise von deutschem Minimal-Techno und einem Hauch der goldigen 80er bereit.


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