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Another wonderful page on Lunetta synthesizers

The name Lunetta refers to the retired professional percussionist and musician Stanley Lunetta.   Stan was notable in the area of electronic music and developed very simple circuits often from abusing digital logic integrated circuit chips. The same chips as are used in the tutorials on this page.

David LeBleu has put together a comprehensive page overviewing and going into detail on his Lunetta.



Complete with close ups of the wirin, and schematics so you can build your own here


Now here is a completely gorgeous instrument and its “open source”

And its based off an arduino!


check out more here



This isn’t extremely new but i think it has developed and matured a bit since last time I tried it. Its a tool for designing circuits and printed circuit boards and so on in a seamless integrated way, straight from the breadboard to the PCB factory.

Back in the day when I last tried this it just kept crashing all the time, so I was, like many others, forced to use the hideous free version of cadsoft Eagle. A piece of software that looks like it never quite made it out of the 1990s


During the next few months I will be making some circuits for an art installation, I will make them using fritzing and I will share my thoughts and progress here, and of course share all the code, schematics and fritzing files,  in case you want to have a poke at it for yourself.

In the mean time I recommend checking out fritzing.



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