I Wish I Could Talk – Sound installation


I am fascinated by the wonderflly organic sounding chaos you can get by letting something like a flickering candle controll sound. This is one of my art installations that i originally made during the audition for the Oslo academy of fine arts. The entire piece is sentered around a single candle and it is the candles flickering intensity that controls every aspect of the sound and behaviour of the sculpture. A feedback circuit involving a fan that kicks in when the system feels the candle has burned too hot for too long keeps the installation in a lifelike loop. It will use the fan to play with the flame more and more violently until it is afraid that it may have extinguished it. Occasionally it does accidentally extinguish its candle, in wich case it goes in to a complainong state calling out for help in hope that somebody will light the flame again.

More info on the piece will be available here:


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