Just to wrap off our recent tour in Østfold we had a pleasent evenings workshop at Østfold Kulturutviklings locale in Fredrikstad,

Instruktions on how to make synths like this can be found under “bygge ting” in the menu at the top of this page. A fun little trick we used here was so called “fading rgb” LEDs. These are ordinary LEDs, but with a tine chip (a microcontroller) built into the LED that pulse-width modulates 3 different colours to fade through the rainbow. A quick and dirty way to get some blinking action for the light dependant resistor. You can find these LEDs quite cheap on eBay.

I was great, and there was free coffee, which made it even greater.

Thanks to all the participants who turned out to be pretty good at making synths.

High Five!

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