plumbutter homemade synth is pretty


As the maker puts it:

“My name is Plumbutter. My face is a psycho-geographical map of the cities of Baltimore and Cleveland. I am a drum-machine, but let me tell you I am more than that, for I also am a “drama machine”. Thus there exists in me, a dialectic between drum and drama, like cops and gangsters, male versus female, or rural versus urban. You can see my wild spaces are represented by a deer-horn, and my downtown by a factory, and in between, a vast swath of suburban developments. It is a gradient of these three areas- urban, suburban, and rural- that informs my electronic synthesis.”

play them all at once!

you can learn more about this strange cryptic cult-synth here

Circuit board and some more crazy runes


Oh and you can buy one here:

Best car stereo ever!

New amazing 3d printers print circuits



Gone are the days when 3d printers could only chorn out boring old plastic.



Along come a new generation of much less lame printers that can print conductive materials. I am talkig about the exciting new Voxel8 and Voltera  (the latter isnt strictly speaking 3d but impressiv nonetheless.)

Still not the cheapest way to make things but it looks promising!

I would like to get my hands on one of these to see what kind of weird instruments could be made.

VST Galore!

Are you fed up of not having an insane amount of VST plugins littering your hard drive? Well you should be, and just incase you were wondering where to get them (specifically the free ones, because often, they are both more unique and interesting), I present you with a short list of places that will more than satisfy your need.

Just a quick recap incase you are utterly confused by the above paragraph:

“Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and a large number of audio applications support VST under license from its creator, Steinberg.”        -wikipedia

In a nutshell, VST plugins are synthesizers, drum machines, reverb modules and other effects that you can use on your computer within your music software.

The List:




A decent list of free vst plugins with links to the download pages. Don’t be massively surprised if you find a dead link here though, because a lot of these vsts are “oldies but goldies”.





Another decent database, with a demonstration video for all the plugins, along with a rating and a basic description/review


KVR Audio




This is one of the old pages that i remember using when i was a kid. It’s a massive database that contains both free and commecial VSTs, the search function is bery useful and allows you to find very specific types of plugins, for specific operating systems (mac/pc).





Splice is actually a platform for sharing and collaborating on music projects but it also keeps a database over all the plugins that people are using. This means it will grow with the growing number of users, and its a great way to see what plugins people are using and what tracks incorporate what VST.



And last of all, if you’ve scoured all those databases, and still not quite found the sound you’re looking for. Chances are you should check out one (if not all) of these free plug ins:

and if i missed any let me know!

And then make some music…

Freeform electronics in/as art


I Recently came across the german artist Peter Vogel. Specifically his freeform electronics sculpures as in the series of artworks “Interaktive Objekte” Freeform circuitry (also called airwiring) is a technique for assembling electronic circuits without the aid of a circuit board or breadboard. Instead the legs og the components are either soldered directly to oneanother or connected via copper wire in 3d space. This makes the finished circuit resemble (and perhaps become) a sculpture. And Peter Vogels Sculptures are beatiful and intriguing.



I ordered some copper wire and i will be making some freeform sculptures of my own soon.


Ah the beauty of computers imitating humans, and doing a pretty bad job of it too.

And now finally, the software plugin creators Plogue have completed the painstaking task of carefully analysing and modeling a handfull of early retro speech synthesis chips. Their new plugin chipspeech looks pretty nice:


Ill be playing with it these next weeks and hopefully get something usefull out of the process. finally you can hear a speak and spell say absolutely anything you want, and sing it in tune too. You can even “circuit bend” the emulated chips in ways that might not be possible on the original hardware.

IMG_0704 mmm,  probes…

Like I said, the process of creating this plugin has been a long and tedious one, and you can read all about the laborious methods here

And here is a video of some even older (non chipbased) speech synthesis, I would like one of these in my livingroom.

And finally some music created with the software in question:

Simple NAND synth

Here is a demonstration of a small sound generator made with simple NAND operators (“not and” logic operators):

Buy one from or build your own  using this simple diagram from “diyaudiocircuits


Another wonderful page on Lunetta synthesizers

The name Lunetta refers to the retired professional percussionist and musician Stanley Lunetta.   Stan was notable in the area of electronic music and developed very simple circuits often from abusing digital logic integrated circuit chips. The same chips as are used in the tutorials on this page.

David LeBleu has put together a comprehensive page overviewing and going into detail on his Lunetta.



Complete with close ups of the wirin, and schematics so you can build your own here

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