Now here is a completely gorgeous instrument and its “open source”

And its based off an arduino!


check out more here





This isn’t extremely new but i think it has developed and matured a bit since last time I tried it. Its a tool for designing circuits and printed circuit boards and so on in a seamless integrated way, straight from the breadboard to the PCB factory.

Back in the day when I last tried this it just kept crashing all the time, so I was, like many others, forced to use the hideous free version of cadsoft Eagle. A piece of software that looks like it never quite made it out of the 1990s


During the next few months I will be making some circuits for an art installation, I will make them using fritzing and I will share my thoughts and progress here, and of course share all the code, schematics and fritzing files,  in case you want to have a poke at it for yourself.

In the mean time I recommend checking out fritzing.


Get some bona fide NASA space sounds for free!

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has posted a selection of interesting and awesome sounds to soundloud. Everything from electromagnetic radiation from stars and planets to famous words and rocket engines.

More sounds and download links on NASAs soundcloud page:




An oscilloscope draws waveforms on a screen so you can see the sound, you can get pro oscilloscopes to do precise measurements and proper science:



Or you can make your own with ean old CRT telly:


CRT stands for  “Cathode ray tube” these are the old type of TVs that use an electron beam (or 3 for colour TVs) that is deflected by a magnetic field. The beam scans across the screen really fast and draws the image. But if you replace the circuit that scans the beam across the screen, with an amplified audio signal, you get this:

My oscilloscopes are all made with TVs and although they look kind of cool, they cant really be used to do any kind of accurate measurements. The waveforms it draws arent really correct. This is cool though:

And finally a word of warning. there are a lot of tutorials on how to make your wn oscilloscopes out there. But be carefull!. There are capacitors inside the TV that store 2x the mains voltage and kan remain charged for days after the TV is unplugged. Thats 440V in Norway and that is very dangerous.


Awesome real world acoustic modular synth instrments!

They guys behind Bastl Instruments explain:

We are going to make some eurorack modules, but not ordinary ones. The exact specifications of the modules still remain a little secret. The engineering behind the modules which are coming soon into our production is influenced by the diploma project of our main researcher Václav Peloušek: Basic research in translating biological, mechanical and chemical principles into electronic musical instrument language and vice versa. This was done at Art & Science department of University of Applied Arts Vienna. Along with the prototypes of various translators across real world principles and modular synthesizer using CV to communicate, brief theoretical study was conducted. It can be downloaded as pdfbrochure.


NES played by modular synth rack!

Behold the beutiful mariage of 8-but pulses and wonderfly overcomplicated analog modular spaghetti in lush harmony:

The level of geekiness is just unfathomable! we should all have one of these in our livingroom.

Life hacks!

By Cpt.Credible and Benjamin James Lacey-McDermott

Wow this is amazing!


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