Usually it’s my own homemade gear I’m repairing but this time it’s a solid piece of German engineering.  An access virus TI synthesizer.  It turns out it’s pretty hard to repair something somebody else made, and there’s no chance of getting the schematic, it’s top secret.  Oh well,  one day I’ll mail it, for now I’ll just live with its kinks.

Using a mug of water as a touch sensor instrument

Bonnie Eisenman made a music controller based on capacitive touch sensing and a mug of water. Using an arduino and a bit of coede called Touché.

See her instructable on how to make it here

Microtonal DIY synthesizer

This guy ( Alex Pleninger ) has made a really nice looking microtonal synthesizer based on digital synthesis using an ARM microprocessor. Microtonal instruments are instruments that allow the user to play notes inbetween the notes found on a traditional piano. That is between the notes of the tempered scale.

there are also micro-tonal pianos, like this quarter tone piano:

Making things in hotel rooms. Automated 220V relay.



I have spent some time this evening putting together an automated relay that cycles the power on and off with a period of between 4 and 8 seconds. controllable by a knob. It is goingto be used to controll a pump that will simulate breathing in an animatronic polarbear.

using an atmega328, a 220V / 5V relay and a transistor.

Programming breakbeats

Just sitting here in my hotelroom programming some breakbeats for some new material. This is what that looks like.


The software i am using here is called Cubase 7. But there are many others like it. Software for making music on a computer is called a DAW  (digital audio workstation)

And incase you were still wondering what electronic music is, (like i am) here is a wonderful and very informative video on the subject:


V-usb MIDI

This is actually quite cool because it is transmitting midi over USB vithout the usual extra specialized usb chip that most solutions use.


more here:

Talking piano, MIDI LFO





I am sitting here in the hotelroom trying to finish the arduino code for this, my MIDI LFO, more on that later.

here is an impressive video showing voice synthesis being done with a piano!


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