Wow, this is pretty insanely insane Music right here!

Reminds me strongly of the american / mexican artist Conlon Nancarrow 1912 – 1997 who wrote interestind and similarly insane pieces for the player piano (only for him it took a lot longer with a hole punch and many many metres of paper)


More “Annoying little boxes”



This is the “Bleep Drum” by Bleep Labs. The kit costs 60 USD and for an extra 15 USD you get MIDI!

Check the Video:

Here is what bleep labs say about it :

The Bleep Drum is an Arduino based lo-fi rad-fi drum machine designed by Dr. Bleep.

– Four sounds, two with pitch control
– Four selectable sequences
– Record patterns just by playing them
– Tap tempo
– Reverse mode
– Hypernoise 30XX mode
– Stereo 1/8″ output

And here is the MIDI version:

Meridian7 makes beautiful analog modulars


The Brooklyn based artist and DJ, Laurie Napolia makes these awesome looking modular synthesizers inspired by telephone switchboards of the past. Nice!

Crapsynth2 the reckoning



Just when you thought synth couldn’t get any crapper… ehm.. it did! Crapsynth2 is a next generation neutron spectrometronic modeling regenesis synthesizer. It boasts 1 utterly crap minimum-coding-oscillator and some other knobs that might not be connected properly. To save trees in the rainforest some of the knobs do more than one thing at the same time. but i can’t remember which ones.

Comes with the patented “robins poo button” that further enhances the sound by making the other speaker work.

Download LINK 

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More Captain Credible VSTplugins here


Look what I made that doesn’t work !



This is supposed to be a “Thomas Henry XRVCO”. A voltage controlled oscillator based on the XR2206 “monolithic function generator” chip.  It is a VCO wich stands for Voltage Controlled oscillator. It is supposed to make a tone in various waveforms with the pitch controlled by a voltage. scaled to 1 volt per octave. But instead it make an extremely high pitched hissing noise and doesn’t respond to any voltages or controls. This is annoying because I spent a while building it, and i don’t really have time to figure out what’s wrong with it right now. so it just sits here onb my shelf collecting dust 🙁


This is the chip that is responsible for tuning the 1V per octave pitch tracking. It has a temperature dependant resistor mounted on top of it. (often called piggybacking). I like the way it looks. aaaaaah, if only it worked…


Cerebral Vortex Demo

Here is a video of me testing my new synth out. i found out i could get the LFO to go insanely fast by removing the ground connection to the speed selector. Wich lets you make nice formant / vocal sounding patches. so I added a switch to do that and it played around with it a bit.

Lunetta CMOS synthesizers

Stanley Lunetta’s CMOS-based instrument designs have earned a strong following among the synth-diy crowd – and for good reason. The circuits can be relatively simple and the resulting sounds quite interesting. The concept is ingeniously simple. take a bunch of CMOS logic chips, like the 40106 in the oscillator tutorials on this site, and route the pins to the front panel.

CMOS stands for “complementary metal-oxide semiconductor” and has that name because  they typically use complementary and symmetrical pairs of “metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors” or “MOSFETs” . Basically they are a set of chips that usually perform logic functions and could be used to design simple computes

Perhaps the best thing about these synths is that they are pretty easy, and pretty darn cheap to make!

a vast sea of knowledge on Lunetta synths is available here:


Cerebral Vortex

CEREBRALVORTEX-4-web In 3D! I completed this a while ago, but haven’t had time for a sexy photoshoot before now. Here it is though, the cerebral vortex. Based on the doepfer D.I.Y. synth. It’s an analog semi-modular with an oscillator, a filter, an amplifier and some modulation sources, built into an old fake guitar amp.

Here is a close up of the controls:




Some pics of the construction: 20140128_18023120140127_140503














See more of the build process here

Expect sounds and video soon.

DIY KORG MS-20 analogue synth

Korg have apparently announced that they will be selling a small number of full size MS-20 synthesizers. They are called DIY, but basically all that means in this case is that you have to assemble the case, and connect a couple of ribbon cables between the various circuit boards. It does look a lot cooler than the miniature MS20 synths that Korg released about a year ago, and apparently it includes 2 different filters, that can be selected via a jumper inside the synth.


The MS-20 was a pretty gnarly monophonic synthesizer with a lot of capability due to its modular patching system. Take a look at this:

But then I found out that this new full size “DIY” MS-20 is going to cost about $1,400 (8 673 nok) so I think you’d be better off getting a MS-20 MINI for half that price. Or perhaps an Arturia microbrute?


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