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Captain Credible can play concerts (as seen below) and/or hold seminars and workshops where he will teach the fine art of making audio machinery and all the stuff he uses live

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A Captain Credible concert is an epileptic party where you’re the birthday boy. And I’m some kind of crazy guy that’s broken into your house where you were going to have a quiet evening with some friends, but I’ve got all these machines and shit that I’m just going mental with, and you try to abstain but you can’t quite help being curiously aroused and you attempt to dance a little, but then these hideously grotesque aliens land and eat everybody, absolutely everybody. And you’re to blame. But you supress the guilt, and thats why you have those nightmares.

If you would like to book Captain Credible to perform at your venue/festival/boat, and/or hold a seminar/workshop/party, please contact:

Daniel Lacey-McDermott

+47 92464458

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Fantasy Mansion

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