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We solder together a circuit board hosting an attiny85 microcontroller that we subsequently program using a computer, a usbasp programmer and the Arduino IDE. The main purpose of the board is to experiment with extremely lofi generative 5 bit music, but the atmega can practically be programmed to do anything. The board has a simple pseudo stereo output configuration, or optionally a more complex mono 5bit DAC output. It also has a light dependant resistor, a potentiometer and a tactile switch that can be freely connected and utilized via the pin headers and IDC connectors.

Depending on the age and experience of the participants it typically takes less than one hour to assemble the circuit board and minimum 1 hour to write some code and have fun


I will typically tailor the printed circuit board for each workshop and can include your logo or image on the circuit board.To the right is an example of the kind of generative music that can be made with this kit, and below it is an alternative more complicated-to-code and arguably more musical alternative.

This workshop requires that the participants bring a computer or that some computers are provided by the arranger.



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