Planck USB/CV/MIDI controller

This is a workshop where we build the versatile Planck midi controller. It can take up 4 hours to build with participants with little to no experience in electronics and soldering. After we have finished the build process, we usually spend some time getting to know the unit and learning how to adapt and fine tune it to the individuals needs. If time permits, we also experiment with constructing sensor modules to be plugged into the inputs. Touch sensors, light sensors, alcohol sensors and many more can be used with the planck to control any desired musical parameter.


-USB MIDI controller, sends and receives MIDI via USB and/or old school 5pin MIDI DIN

-4 knobs and 6 buttons: They can send midi CC or notes to control any softsynth, hardware synth or anything you like

-2 analog inputs: Connect extra knobs, light sensors, distance sensors, magnetic sensors, you name it! Easy connection via simple minijack cable

-CV/GATE/SYNC outputs!: Control analog gear, sync old drum machines or turn relays, motors or lamps on and of with the 2 CV/GATE outputs! (don’t expect perfect 1v/octave accuracy, it’s a bit dirty)

-LFO: Make wooshy bloopy waves control anything you want! Sine, square, saw, ramp or random waveform. let the waves turn the knobs for you!

-4 extra “hackable” inputs to connect even more sensors ++ (used for arcade buttons in the enclosure version)

-USB MIDI interface: can be used as an interface to control other old school MIDI gear from your computer.

-2 “presets”: Any knob or switch can have 2 completely different functions. Programmable with the simple interface of “toolman sysex editor”, or via Arduino

-Shift button gives all controls a 2nd function making a total of 4 functions per control

-Arduino Compatible!: Hack it, reprogram it, experiment, upload new firmware, repurpose it! set fire to it and laugh maniacally

-Easily reprogrammable using the sleak modern software “Toolman Sysex Editor”




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