Tardweeny Workshop

Tardweeny is a prototyping board for playing with the ATtiny85 as a USB device. It uses extremely few components and can be easily programmed to behave like a keyboard, mouse or MIDI device. Hours of fun to be had!

The strength of this course is that the participants build their usb device from scratch and in doing so gain deeper insight and a stronger affinity to the technology they are working with. Rather than having a factory made overly complicated pre-built circuit board that they don’t truly understand. 

During the first 30 minutes – 1hour we assemble and solder together the tardweeny. What we do next will vary from workshop to wrkshop. We can make a novel musical instrument using the USB midi protocol and interesting components like light sensorst, magnetic sensors, distance sensors accelerometers and more. Or we can build a auto-hacking prank machine that seemingly takes over the computer and does all kinds of shenanigans. We could even use it to make some kind of MIDI controlled musical robot. 

This is based on the fabulous cocomake7 project and  v-usb by objective development. 

Here are some fun uses of the tardweeny:

The above shows the tardweeny set up as an “autohacking” device that simply pretends to be a keyboard and sends a bunch of automated keystrokes to the computer. This is simultainiously an exercise in computer security.


In the above example the tardweeny is set up to take midi messages in and turn on and off 16 digital outputs. These could in turn control motors, electromagnets and other actuators to make a musical robot.


In the above video the Tardweeny is set up as a capacitive sensor and sending midi messages when the banana is touched by a person.


Here the tardweeny is used as a automatic poetry generator.


Below are some variations of the tardweeny, Other circuitboards that use the same core as the Tardweeny.

Midimalism is a tiny USB midi controller.

Midimoth is a slightly bigger midicontroller with 5 knobs, 2 buttons, 1 input for external sensor and 1 internal tilt switch

Candlepower is a miniature version of my candle controlled synthesizer:


Tardwidy is a prototyping plaform specifically for USB midi controllers: 






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