Getting started

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Quick setup:

(click the titles)


Blank slate 

(an empty makecode project with Microbit Orchestra libraries loaded.)


Basic MUSICIAN Sequencer

(a basic controller that can control and sequence events on up to 4 musicians simultaniously)


Basic thumper

(a simple code snippet for setting up a little Thumper rabbit to receive sequenced events from a conductor, and strike a surface with its little electromagnetic actuator)


Set up a small orchestra with “Thumpers”


How the sequencer works:

A music sequencer is a piece of hardware or software that lets us determine a sequence of events that will play in order and often repeat or “loop”. Usually these “events” are notes to be played or sounds to be triggered.  The Micro:bit Orchestras sequencer is a type of sequencer called a grid sequencer. The layout is a grid of notes where time is represented on the X axis, and the notes are laid out on the Y axis. 


We can select a track with “A” and add a note with “B”. And when we want to start over, we can remove all notes with “A+B”

Try it below!

The microbit Orchestra is under development. This page will be updated as things change.



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