Assemble a rabbit.

  1. Plonk the “magical interface plank” on top of the rabbit shaped piece of wood like so.

Insert screws through the holes on the micro:bit from behind. (make sure your screws don’t touch any of the small components on the back of the micro:bit board)

Stick the micro:bit on from the underside facing up like this:

3. Use the brass nuts to fasten the circuit board on to the front like this:

This is what it looks like from behind, note that these are countersunk screws and they are only touching the copper around the holes. :

4. Get your favourite hammer out and with firm yet gentle strokes, hammer these weird bits of wood into place:

make sure the bits of wood ar flush and flat on the underside:

5. Find the advanced speaker interface assembly jig:

Put the speaker in the middle of the thingy like this:

Tho solder points on the speaker should align with the gap in the speaker holder thingy:

Put part nr. 57 (the only part with a number) around the speaker like this:

Put this ring on top, the ring should hold the speaker in place. 

These are the speaker end clamps:

Use them to clamp the speaker assembly together. Don’t be afraid to use some hot glue if things are loose. 

This is a tiny screw:

stick it in here:

Use it to fasten the solenoid:

Use another screw way don’t you:

Get your gentle hammer out again and gently smack that rabbit into place. Let it know who’s boss, but gently:

The back speaker holder part cant be banged on the top, cos it’ll break won’t it. so push on the sides like this, you can tap on these sides with a hammer too, you can do it:

Connect your speaker to where it says “speaker” doesn’t matter what wire goes to + and what goes to –

Connect a battery (anything between 4 and 9 V) and secure it with an elastic band:


You’re done!

now go back to the page about making a small orchestra to see how to program this little feller.


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