Sound installations and other pieces
by Daniel lacey-McDermott

Helmetdance, an interactive sound installation.



This installation consists of 4 pillars and a modified bicycle helmet. The helmet is to be worn by a participant. The 4 pillars emit sound and flashes of light in responce to the participants actions, and the sounds and flashes that are generated relate directly to the orientation and velocity of the head of the participant.  The participant is rewarded for high velocity abrupt head movements, and thus is coexed into excerting oneself further and pushing the boundaries of ones trapezious muscle and other muscles in the neck. This effect is further emphasized when there is a crowd of observers for whom the participant may feel a need to perform and or impress.




Violent head movements, combined with loud unpredictable noises and sudden bright flashes of light, also lead to a sensation of spacial confusion and dizzines and seems in some cases to make the participant less aware of his/her surroundings and more in touch with his/her own performance and interaction with the piece.


The piece has been exhibited twice, at Kunstakademiet in Oslo, and at Podium, also in Oslo.
















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