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Listen to some gnarly Remixes generated thus far by my audiomachinery


Vebak Remixes Captain Credible!!!

Golden Spaceship (Vebak Remix)


Captain Credible on the 9 o'clock news (TV2) here


New VST plugin for you to rince it out well proper with. The legendary 9th Gate crystal here


Mad decent instructional video on how to rinse it out well proper (dance) to the sounds of Sky Barstow, as remixed by Captain Credible here


Captain Credible has a got a guestbook! Fill it with obscenities and disturbing viagra spam now! here


Captain Crebible vs. Sky Barstow dj set at internasjonalen tomorrow here


   Captain Credible pictures from Øya Festival here


CLASH Magazine pick out Captain Credible as one of the highlights of Øya Day 1! here


A pleasantly confusing article about Captain Credible as though stored on crinkly magnetic tape here


Captain Credible cunningly endows inanimate objects with souls secretly harvested at night from people that "didn't need them anyway" here



listen to Golden Spaceship









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A pleasantly confusing article on Captain Credible from dead-brain here


Short review of Captain Credible at By:Larm here


Danish review of Villa gig at By:Larm



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Universitas review a gig with Captain Credible here


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NRK Urørt interview with Captain Credible here


Interview with Captain Credible on NöMusic here






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