How to install.
It's a plugin isn't it, put it in your vst folder like you do with all the other cracked shit you download of the internet.

Terms of use:

- The user may not make shit music with this plugin.
- This plugin may not be used for evil.
- Please send cash in buckets
- If your head a splode or your computer a splode and scars your head for life, CCAM takes no responsibility.
- Do not drop heavy items on this plugin

*batteries not included

use craiked serial:

 name: Ben Dover
 serial: 1337-H4XX-70-7H3-M4X

--/T34M Carpeting Credimbule breng the best harkx plugin to you craike style!--

PS. Hope this plog will became obsolete soon as thies are fonction that SM Pro Audio should have insid








"VFX (Vee eff ecks) tools" workaround solutionator

This is a pack of ploggz solely intended to workaround some of the issues inherent in the SM Pro Audio V-Machine's VFX software. Like bypass effect, audio through w/out effect, wet/dry, and X-Fade 2 tracks


How to use:
There ar 4 basic building blocks to help create these functions:

This plug simply routes the input to the output w/out effecting the sound in any way, usefull if you wan a track to let through unprosessed sound because vfx will not let sound through unless there is a plugin in one of the slots of its track.

 the same in mono. (will use even less cpu)

3. CC VF-X-MIX A.dll and
4. CC VF-X-MIX B.dll
These two work together to make an x-fade (crossfade in oxford english), they both have one slider wich when moved one way will attenuate A and the other way will attenuate B. To x-fade between 2 trax simply put A on track 1 and B on track 2, now simply map the same midi control to the a/b slider on both A and B. Presto an equal power x-fade for the 2 tracks, can be used to xfade between 2 synths or to apply a wet dry ti effects on incoming signal (put A after an effect on track 1 and B alone on track 2) Map the fader to a toggle switch on your favourite controller and you have an instant bypass button.