Super Nintendo Doombox with MIDI


Here I will merely outline (in english mind you) what this is and how I did it. If you want even more detail please let me know in the commentsz.

“What is this brah?” you ask, eyes rolling back in sheer inquisitive extacy.

Lulz brosef, can’t yall see its a MOTHERFUCKIN SNES DOOMBOX BEEOTCH.

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How it are worken?

well it consists of 3.0 different sections of awesomness, briefly ill just call them

1. Vöice Bendur Curkit Bended

2. 40106 Öscillature Circuitré

3. MYDI input Arduinoob sqr synthz

this is how they are configurated together to form the collective intelligence that is the DOOMBOX:

Yeh, get it ?

The Most exciting bit is perhaps the Arduino Midi synth i made ( the blue box ) so i’ll tell you about that one first, that way you can stop reading after that if you get fed up.

PART 3. MYDI input Arduinoob sqr synthz

(this isn’t chronological, I know)

It is made with an ATMEGA328 chip, witch is probably what many people would call overkill, but thats what i hadlying around, and its quick and easy to program with an arduino.

here is what the circuit looked like in the end———->

For a great tutorial on how to set up an arduino on a breadboard so you can build you Arduino projects into without spending all your money on arduino boards can be seen here:

To make this perticular thingy youll need:

1. a bootloaded Atmega328 chip (you can do sort that out with your arduino if you have one)

2. a 7805 5v regulator or equivelant

3. 2 10uF capacitors for the regulator

4. a 10K resistor

5. a 16MHz xtal

6. 2x 22pF capacitors (for the xtal)

7.a diode

8. a LED

9. an optoisolator, i used a 4n28

10. resistors for optoisolator (100k 3.3k 200ohm)

11. a MIDI DIN connector

i used this tasty schematic from here ———->

The schematic is further up ^

And you can find the code here


You also need the awesome “MIDI library” for the arduino, get that here.

And thats it, it makes square waves, and responds to pitch bend… thats all.

PART 2 40106 Öscillature Circuitré

This is pretty easy stuff, a few caps, and a few leds and hey presto, how to make this shit is outlined in this and this tutorial

heres a vid outlining the basics:

Use the skills you just learned there and make 2 blinky thingies and one sound oscillator and Bobs yer uncle, Bob M-M-M-M-Moog that is !

this is what it looked like when i was prototyping mine:

note the babycall on the table, loud square waves and sleeping infants ar an interesting combo.

Then all that remains is..

PART1 Vöice Bendur Curkit Bended

a circuit bended velleman voice changer module:

You can totes McOats save a bit of cash and just wire up a HT8950A voice changer chip (the one in the centre of the PCB) without buying vellemans pricey kit but i had it lying around so watevs.

here is a small drawing showing how i modified vellemans wussy schematic:

This is wrong, the right side of the feedback wire should be connected above C2 🙂

When you have stuck them 2gether inside a super nintendo console, and used enough gaffa tape, all will be well in the cosmos.


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