Basic Breadboard Synth

We build a basic light sensitive drone-synth using a 40106 hex inverter chip. The entire circuit is assembled on a solderless breadboard, so no soldering required. This workshop focuses on experimentation and play and the participants modify and create their own unique bleepy-bloopy noisemaker. With plenty of tips and tricks to get more interesting sounds. The participants can later take whatever they have built home with them for fun and further experimentation. The video below (in Norwegian) shows the concept that the workshop will be based around.  The idea behind the whole workshop, is to show the audience that electronics 


aren’t necessarily so complicated and inaccessible as they may seem. Once we’ve learned enough to scrape at the surface, and to avoid dangers like hazardous electrocutions and huge explosions, we can experiment and google our way to the most fantastic inventions.





Stovner kids going bonkers with basic CMOS electronics! #40106 #diysynth #pewpewpew #deichmanske #ferieverkstedet

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