Fantasy Mansion DIY

Build your own flippin fantasy mansion!


Fed up of other people building all your stuff? show them whos boss by building

 your own counterfeit sentient instrument! If you just want to throw it together on a breadboard then look no further: (click the pics to enbiggen them)

If you want to assemble a printed circuit board, then follow the steps outlined below!


Step one, the parts:

This is what your gonna need, most the parts are easy to find. for the circuit board, you can grab the gerber files here, and then order it from OSH park or wherever you like to get youre circuit boards. The special minijack socket with switch is a bit hard to find but you can get it on aliexpress, its called PJ-307. Oh and yeh, this circuit board is white, the ones that are sold are black, get over it!

Oh and another thing, I forgot the pushbuttons in the picture, you’re gonna need two of them.

Step two, soldering, the resistors:

Resistors have color codes that tell you the values. we want 10kohm, 1kohm, and 220ohm.

You can see the colors in the image to the right.

Then put them in these places on the circuit board and solder them on from the underside ( the side with the windows and door)

We will be soldering all the components like this, so dont forget to solder after each step.

Once you’ve soldered, you can clip the leads off. (pro tip: attach a magnet to your wire clippers to catch all the loose legs)

Step 3 The LDR

This is the LDR and here is where it goes. Just solder it like we did the previous steps

Step 5 Pushbuttons

These are the “MATTER” and “ANTIMATTER” buttons, they wont fit the wrong way so solder them the right way!

Step 6 Switching jack socket

This is where you will plug in your headset, and it will also turn the device on when you do so.

Step 7 IC socket

When you soldet the IC socket in place, you should have the notch facing up. No biggie if you messed this up, jus make sure you put the ATtiny in the right way round!


Step 8 CR2032 battery holder

Here is the battery holder, i put lots of red arrows on the picture pointing at it so its easier to see. dont put this in the wrong way!

Step 9 blinky LED

The long leg needs to go in the top hole, the one that has a square outline, if it goes in the wrong way, it won’t work.


Step 10 Tada!

If it looks vaguely like this you can call it a success! If you bought the kit then your Attiny85 chip should be pre-programmed, slap it in the socket with the little dot in thetop left corner and your good to go. !!

Grate jab! go and make some sick af tunes and slammu basslines! Or learn to play “flight of the bumblebee” flawlessly and upload it to yootoob! Whatever floats your cup of tea! 

If you made your own PCB from scratch and need to burn the code onto your IC, you can grab the code here, and upload it using a programmer like usbasp, USBTinyISP or an arduino as ISP. Read about how to program an attiny using an arduino here. And remember to use this ATTiny core and upload using “link time optimization” or the code wont fit. The clock speed should be set to 8mhz and B.O.D. should be disabled.




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