micro:bit Orchestra


The micro:bit orchestra is a makecode extension for making musical robots, digital compositions and an interconnected synchronized mesh of musiC making micro:bits. So far, I have made two large and one tiny installations using the microbit orchestra at The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, the Northern Norwegian Science Center and Ås Science Center, along with one big portable version for use in school visits in Troms. I am also building an ongoing collection of portable micro:bit orchestra instruments for use when playing live concerts around the world.


Here is a video that explains some of the reasons behind wanting to create this framework as a creative and educational tool:

Here is an interactive web based tour of the installation:





Here is a video that shows the installation in Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology:


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Photos from installations:

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Clocktap Guitar Pedal:

Tiny microbit:orchestra Installation:

Livestream concert announcement:

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