Electronics 101

Some of these pages are in English (EN) and Norwegian (NO)

Breadboard (EN)

Breadboard (NO)


Capacitor (EN)

Kondensator (NO)


Resistors (EN)

Motstander (NO)


I.C. (EN)

I.C. (NO)


Potentiometer (EN)

Potmeter (NO)


Light Emitting Diode (EN)

Lysdiode (NO)



Where to find parts?:

Ebay has a lot of cheap parts and some hard to find parts. the cheapest parts come from China and can take a while to get to you.

Tayda Electronics is a personal favourite. They have a lot of different things, the prices are pretty low and things are packaged nicely and labelled. Usually takes about a week to get to Norway.

AliExpress is like a “next level” ebay. You can find things cheaper, but you can also be more frequently surprised by bad quality or incorrect details. Its mother site AliBaba is even “nexter level” Can be good if you want a specific part manufactured but usually you have to buy large quantities.


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