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This is the web page of the very real and non-fictional Captain Credible

He is a musician, artist,  maker and educator!

As a musician Captain Credible is known for his violently eccentric live performances and arsenal of homemade instruments. Hectic beats fight for attention while aggressive melodies and harmonies spurt like battery acid out of the speakers. Somewhere in the land of IDM, breakcore and chiptune Captain Credible carves his way through your mind like a rusty laser. Rip yr nips off.

As an artist he creates interactive sound sculptures and installations. with a focus on generative systems and the intersection between sentient beeings and complex algorithms.

As a maker and educator he creates musical electronics, robot orchestras, hold workshops and interactive concerts and teach kids and adults the joys of creative programming, electronics and music. 

This is the crazy-scientist project of Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott. A curious artist who emerged from Trondheim in 2008 and has been terrorizing audiences all over Europe ever since. Resurrected as a meta musical presence in a not-so-easily defined genre, he claims Aphex Twin, Sex Pistols and Aaron Carter have helped him form his own image. The Captain refers to his sounds as “filthy drunk beats bathing in a lake of melting synthesizers and old Nintendo cartridges”.

“It’s all too easy for electronic music to lack character. Not so with Captain Credible. Our captain has AS much personality as he does bleeps and bass. And he’s surfing a bigger lysergic wave than most. A sonic stramash that sounds like Legowelt having a wank in the Warp offices. Whilst Trent Reznor watches and beats off too. Messy.”

-Matt Bennet, Clash

You can stop making music now… Once in a while you see something so amazing, crazy, intelligent and brilliant that you start to feel that all your own efforts are worthless

– Johannes Ahlberg, Noisebud

WOW! One man, a dozen homemade soundsources, a lot of dry wit and a handful of absurd stories. Add some killer beats and melodies and you end up with the funkiest, funniest and strangest one-man-band I’ve seen all summer! With the help of a voice coder Captain Credible lets us meet his friends and acquaintances. Some of them of very high-pitch voices, others of deep, scary nature. With names like Dr. Testicles and Christopher Columbus, they’ve shared many adventures with the Captain, such as heroin debauchery in the Serengeti desert. Or something like that. Oh, and then there are robots. Some of them small and fond of killing.
As for the music, it’s a joyful mix of sounds and melodies that bear similarities to old computer game scores, catchy beats, catchy noise and complete chaos with the Captain tweaking and bending the sounds on their way through the hand-knitted cables, it’s just incredibly good fun! How can you go wrong with an old Nintendo machine playing the drums and a homemade gray little box with the fitting name «Darth Fader»? If you have a chance to see this Captain – go, go, go and do so! It’s the best show in the whole kingdom!

– Sigurd Vik, Nö Music

Excerpt from live performance of “Forest Moon” with Martin Sandvik on drums

Captain Credible is Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott