Captain Credible is an electronic musician who also designs and produces his own instruments. This is what happens when people like this release an EP. An EP that is both a collection of recorded works, and a physical musical instrument. The EP, which can also be streamed from the internet, is an epic journey in a landscape of intense electronic music with scattered islands of calm reflection.

The physical manifestation of this EP is a circuit board with buttons, a light sensor and a headphone jack. This circuit board can be played as a musical instrument, and the user can easily compose his or her own melodies. It will also generate its own beats and melodies and even occasionally modify those made by the user. It will also synchronize to external hardware like drum machines or sequencers.

This EP is therefore not a finished work, but instead a starting point for further experimentation and expression by the user.

“I’m listening to the music now. It’s surprisingly dreamy (relative to the hyperactive nerdgasm above), shoegaze-to-video game theme-to quirky jams. It’s gorgeous, eccentric, and ingeniously inconsistent, the output of somewhat with a broken attention span and overflowing imagination – in a way to be genuinely thankful for. Maybe it’s not attention span: maybe different dimensions are actually converging, some of them flat video game worlds, some of them introspective Scandinavian emotional odysseys. So enjoy!” 

-Peter Kirn, Create Digial Music



Traxler After 60 seconds of listening to this album I just had to get it and the Fantasy Mansion! Thank you Cpt. Credible! Can’t wait for my PCB to arrive in the UK ! Favorite track: Fantasy Mansion.


 The PCB is one of the most inventive and entertaining things I have ever come across on the internet. I’m having so much fun with it but reshuffling my aDNA is takign it’ss toll… i thinnnk meyb i shud stp bfor th dmonss com fr m… Favorite track: Fantasy Mansion.

Laurie Raye


The limited 200 edition PCB is an amazing purchase in all aspects: concept, execution, album release and hardware product combined in one. Insta-purchase. Favorite track: Crystal math.

Ninja Gaijin


This album is crazy, fun and even danceable at times. It’s the musical equivalent of the “wallet on a string” prank – you never know what comes next. The PCB sequencer glitch mansion thing is INSANE, however. I wish all artists made releases like this, but at least I know of one who does! Favorite track: I want to go to fun town park.

Arvid Rudling