Blooper Eel Build Instructions

Step 1:

check out all this cool shit you got!

This should be pretty self explanatory but I made pictures in case you thought it was difficult.


if you are compulsive like me you might want to sort them, then you can see if anything is missing. this is what you should have:

  • 1x pcb
  • 2x potentiometers (1M)
  • 1x cr2032 battery in in a holder
  • 1x 40106 chip with socket
  • 2x clear white LEDs
  • 3x resistors (2kohm)
  • 4x LDR (light dependant resistor)
  • 1x Diode
  • 1x minijack socket
  • 1x pushbutton
  • 4x electrolytic capacitors (3x 1uF, 1x 1000-ish uF)
  • 3x ceramic capacitors (0.1uF)
  • 2x plastic knobs

Phew, its all there.Or is it…?

Step 2:

Stick the I.C. socket in there

Bend some of the legs out on the underside so it stays in place while you solder it.

Oh yeah, youll need a soldering iron and som solder. I am going to assume that didnt come as too great a shock.

Step 3:

Electrolytic capacitors

Tose ones ->

stick them above the chip here, making sure they are the right way round, the short leg goes in the hole marked “-“. You may notice that the capacitor body also has a  bunch of “-” written on the same side.

Bend the legs out so that the caps stay in place while you solder those bitches. Then clip the legs off with some wire clipper, watch out for flying bits of metal that might kill you. I put maknets on my wire clippers to try and catch these bits of metal, it usually works, usually.


Step 4:

0.1uF Ceramic Capacitors

stick them here:


The more observant of you (using the rev2 pcb) may notice that one two of those spots are marked 1uF. I dont have a very good explanation for that other than “woops”


Solder them in place just likt you did with the other stuff

Step 5:

Put the battery on, the right way round.

The battery goes on the bottom here, like this:

if you solder it on the wrong way round, you will not become rich and successful, so don’t mess this one up.

solder from the top, where the legs are sticking through, solder both legs or this isn’t going to work:


Step 8:

Output Resistors

Are you ready for this? find these:


Solder them in place as shown below.

Step "whatever, I lost count":


put them here:

Solder them.


Step 8 or something:

headphone jack

This is the headphone jack, incase you where wondering:


it goes here, duh:


Solder, celebrate.

Probably step 9:


These don’t want to go all the way through! just a bit!

and the long leg goes in the square hole and the short leg goes in the round hole

Try and get it to go just through the surface, both the legs need to go through the hole, only just though.

Solder from the top of the pcb:


Step 12:

Tall photocells

Remember that thing you just did with the LEDs? do the same with your two remaining LDRs


Step -1:

Signal diode


solder it in place here –>

make sure the stripe around the diode is on the same side as the stripe on the PCB!

Step 23:

Pewpewpew button

Not much can go wrong here, but I added a bunch of arrows just in case: