Planet Of The Eternal Electro Breakdance Orgy

This is the debut release from Captain Credible. an adventure in the yondersphere featuring our fearless hero and his dispensable sidekick Dr.Testicles.

On a stage filled with hand made electronics and songs about dead cats and pure code the Captain plays regales his listeners with epic adventures through time and space. With jaw dropping performances at festivals like Øya, Hove, by:Larm, Slottsfjell, Ragnarock (Milan), Pictoplasma (Berlin) as well as support tours for Casiokids, The Show Is The Rainbow and Slagsmålsklubben he might be considered underground, but is already making waves in his own right. His debut EP ‘Planet of  the Eternal Electro Breakdance Orgy’ was released on the small but credible Norwegian label How Is Annie Records (home of Youth Pictures, The Little Hands of Asphalt).